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MWA-3R Self-feed type Both-sided
  • Smooth R chamfering processing with special carbide tip
  • It is the most suitable for doing very smooth R chamfering, and C chamfering at the same time by the installation of one time [both of the upside and the bottom side ].
The kind of chamfering R side. C1,C2

Processing board thickness Min 9mm Max 50mm
Processing board width Max 200mm
Use cutter 3 sheets edges (for the right rotation and for the left rotation)
Use chip The carbide R tip of exclusive use (standing stock)
The number of rotation 2000/2400RPM 50/60Hz
Cutting speed 1275/1300mm/min 50/60Hz
Power supply capacity 200V (3 phase). 1.6kvA
Machine size 490x240x490mm
Machine weight 39.5kg

Notes They are the exclusive cutter of an option when taking the 2nd page of R, and a tip only for R2. I have you exchange and process it.
In usual bevel chamfering process, they are an optional exclusive roller and a tip only for bevel chamfering processes. I have you exchange and process it.
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