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MSA-3R Selffeed-type single side
  • Chamfering machining which is R smooth at With a special carbide R tip
  • recommended
The kind of machining R3,R2,C1,C2

Thickness of a processible board Min 9mm--Max 50mm
Width of a processible board 200mm Max.
The cutter to use Three sheet edge (right rotation)
Use tip The carbide R tip of exclusive use (standing stock)
revolution 2000/2400RPM 50/60Hz
Cutting speed 1275/1300mm/min 50/60Hz
Power supply capacity 200Vi3 phasejB0.8kvA
Machine size 210x370x400mm
Machine weight 16kg

Notes They are the exclusive cutter of an option when taking the 2nd page of R, and a tip only for R2. I have you exchange and process it.
In usual bevel chamfering process, they are an optional exclusive roller and a tip only for bevel chamfering processes. I have you exchange and process it.
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