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SŒ^ Multiple-spindle drilling & tapping heads
  • It is installed on drilling machine or the drill unit, and it is SPINDLE HEADS which does numerous hole proccesing at a time.

  • Spindle interval adjustment type and
    Spindle interval fixed type
¸–§ƒhƒŠƒ‹ƒ†ƒjƒbƒg "AF unit" and "QT unti" for high precision hole processing
  • Greatly contributing to high quality and high productivity in advanced drilling works.
An R chamfering machine for the bridge beam steel frame
  • The R chamfering machine of a steel board to use by the bridge beam, the steel frame and the shipbuilding

  • Self-feed type,Handy type,and more
M1DA1000-2000auto Bridge beam and a special drill machine for the steel frame
  • A bridge beam, plate for the steel frame and a structure are processed into the high precision efficiently.

  • It has the latest technology which realizes multiple kind small quantity production.
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